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The intelligent and collaborative solution that supports you in the life cycle of your intellectual property portfolio.

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Designed for intellectual property experts


Import your data automatically and group your documents and contracts.



Manage your assets throughout their life cycle and make the right decisions.



Customize your interface according to the evolution of your company.



You will love managing your portfolio

In 2017, we found that no IP professionals were satisfied with the solutions used. No solution offered an intuitive and user-friendly interface that would address the complexity of intellectual property. No single solution centralized intellectual property issues on a single tool.

About Innovation was born  from an alliance between and Questel.

Our mission is to transform a complex environment into an optimal user experience whether you are a lawyer, CPI or member of a legal department.

Designed by experts

Each functionality has been created and tested with our end users (lawyers and attorneys).

Your data always backed up

We use data replication mechanisms to ensure that the service is always available.

Servers at the top of security

Our Cloud partner Microsoft Azure meets all international and industry-specific compliance standards.

Your data stored in Europe

Your data is stored at Microsoft Azure on their secure servers in the Netherlands.

Ultra-secure encryption

We use the HTTPS protocol with TLS 1.2.  Your credentials are encrypted via Pbkdf2 and our database uses AES.

A customer service always present

Our IP experts are there to support you throughout your life at About Innovation.

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